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Are you looking for affordable and unique space available from one day to one year?

Download Cu-Cu and start your venture!

  1. See a list of available spaces
  2. Create your private profile and apply for a space
  3. Arrange a viewing through the App
  4. Easily fast-track legal process & payment on your phone

Have a proof of address ready;a gas bill, water bill etc.

For any queries during the process please write to

Are you space owner with UNUSED SPACE?

Let us know if you do and we can save you money by helping you make the most of it.

Register and list your space for free with Cu-Cu's landlords interface or download the Cu-Cu App for free.

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We believe the richness of our cities comes from the variety of ideas they house and we want to awaken people's potential by finding them a space to develop their adventures.

There has never been a better time to bring an idea to market.
The renaissance of craft for instance, has led to an explosion in the number of small/micro business since 2008, creating a 'new made in Britain' generation.

Aspiring entrepreneurs need a cost effective way to trial ideas that also live offline, but while the internet has reduced the cost of many aspects of entrepreneurship, sky high rents remain a big barrier to ideas requiring a display or physical element.

Cu-Cu facilitates the connection between underused space owners with people looking for a place to grow their ideas from one day to one year.

To make everyone's lives easier and to activate under utilised spaces in minimal time, Cu-Cu fast tracks bureaucracies, legals and payments.

We believe through Cu-Cu no space needs to remains empty again in our cities.


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